Wellness Room

Wellness Room

The health conscious 5 star Fortina Spa Resort is the first hotel in the Mediterranean & Mainland Europe to introduce energized mattresses, duvets and pillows to help provide it's guests with a better night's sleep enabling snoozers to stay in the deep relaxation state for longer and also helping you to get back into the earth's natural rhythms and feel more grounded. Far infrared rays are also embedded in the sleep system which are based upon the sun's rays and have been proven to aid with controlling temperature and gently detoxifing the body. To complete the health benefits living, water and shower system, and mountain fresh ionised air purifiers are provided in the rooms, as well as hygienic bedding that kills dust mites, which is good news for asthmatics and anyone who suffers from sinus problems.

The benefits of energised sleeping systems are vast due to the fact that the 'spot' magnets within the mattress, duvet and pillows bathe every muscle, cell and organ in the body with a gentle, energised field that is safe, natural and essential to our well being. As well as physical rest, a good night's sleep can also help the body to repair itself; some enzymes will switch on protein production for physical repair functions and melatonin, secreted by the pineal gland, reaches a maximum about an hour after we fall into deep sleep. The magnets can play a large part in the restoration of our bodies by helping to induce a deeper and more restful sleep state; only then will the body repair functions respond and go into full swing. Increased oxygen to the living water is the difference that will make your skin glow and minimise signs of ageing, whilst helping with skin related problems.

Wellness Room amenities include:-

  • TV with a large variety of television and music channels
  • Stocked Mini Bar
  • Espresso Machine with a fine selection of teas and coffee
  • Full range of Thalasso products and Essential oils
  • Iron and Board
  • Hairdryer
  • Safe

Maximum occupancy is two adults. Guests must be 18+ years to stay in this room.

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